May 7

SEO Tips


The SEO field today is a highly competitive market. Constant updates and innovations keep even the top SEO company on their toes. To stay ahead companies deploy a combination of research, ingenuity and a few good SEO tips. Helpful tips abound in the SEO world. Blogs, books and even the search engines themselves are useful places.

For a company to be successful in the search engine optimization field they have to know what they’re up against. A great way to do this is to look at the number one rankings in each client’s fields. Start with their directory listing. Analyze every aspect of their listings. Note keyword usage, the wording of addresses, number of reviews and where the reviews are from.

Next pour over their website. Look at title tags and meta description wordings and punctuation. A great deal of useful information can be found just at first glance on a page, but for a more in depth look take a glance at the page source. This can show analytics tags, H1 headers and all sorts of small but potentially important bits.

Another common recommendation in the world of SEO tips is to run a page grading program on all clients and competitors. A page grading program will give an SEO company a checklist of optimization task completed and those still needing work. The reports cover everything from keyword usage to Rel canonicalization and proper title tag formatting; it leaves no stone unturned. This tangible data is extremely useful for billing and giving timeline estimates to clients. These reports are usually very user friendly and easy to understand, even for those who don’t work at an SEO company. This makes them great for clients.

Useful SEO tips can provide just the right leverage needed for certain clients. A helpful hint, tip or trick can sometimes be exactly what was needed to improve a ranking.

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