Instagram Super Features, What Every Marketer should be aware of !

Posted On December 4, 2018 by farah

At the beginning of October this year Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, and Mike Krieger, their Chief Technology Officer, announced that they will be leaving Instagram and that they are ready for their new chapter. Both Kevin and Mike are considered to be the founders of the platform, having both worked on Instagram sinceRead More >


Posted On November 4, 2018 by farah

” Today’s Digital Marketers have evolved into something more akin to orchestra conductors” Digital Marketing does not only revolve around the website and the content anymore! Today, digital marketing is about NUMBERS! it involves analytics, statics, strategies and more! You have to know your target, specify your results, and understand theRead More >


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Chain Reaction, the Performance Marketing Agency, has nabbed seven awards at the MENA SEARCH AWARDS 2018, adding to its impressive list of wins. During the ceremony, which was held recently at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Center, Chain Reaction won 7 awards for different categories becoming the most awarded agency inRead More >


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Imagine you owned one of the best Italian restaurants in town, you have thought through everything except a good location, what kind of impact do you think this will have on your business?  Not choosing a good location for your business can have a devasting effect on how much you earnRead More >


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Baqala witnessed a 100% increase in traffic with the help of Chain Reaction compared to their targeted 40% increase. Baqala was hoping to increase the visibility of their Arabic website, thus increasing their revenue. They sought out help from Chain Reaction in order to help them increase traffic by 40%.Read More >

Chain Reaction Case Study : Pizza Hut

Posted On September 9, 2018 by farah

Pizza Hut increased its organic traffic by 125% with the help of chain reaction’s SEO strategy! The Challenges Some challenges we faced include: Conducting accurate and optimal keyword research and execution. Optimizing the URL structure and creating SEO friendly site. Implementing SEO tags for main and subcategories. Optimizing the website forRead More >

How-To Guide for Google Ads

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In the business world, there are many ways to advertise your company/brand for more leads. Even though it’s a vast topic to tackle, there are still many simple advertising methods that you can implement today to keep you on top of your game. Keep reading to learn about a methodRead More >

What is Programmatic Advertising ? A guide on How-To do it using the best tools!

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In this guide, you will gain practical insights into how-to use Programmatic Advertising, why to use it and what are the best tools which can give you a hand in this job! Lets first define what we mean by Programmatic Advertising! Programmatic Advertising is using a software to buy andRead More >

What is competitive analysis? A guide on How-To do it with FREE TOOLS!

Posted On September 4, 2018 by farah

In this guide, you’ll gain practical insights into how to use Free Tools to understand your competition, a powerful knowledge that will generate more profit and success to your bottom line. Lets first define what we mean by Competitive Analysis, it is simply being able to identify the strategies and tactics ofRead More >

Listen to your audience! Free tools to monitor your social performance

Posted On July 8, 2018 by farah

In this Digital Age, we are building the human economy based on information technology! Where is your business standing today, & what are people saying about your brand? Today we have: 2.072 billion users on Facebook 330 million users on Twitter 800 million users on Instagram 500 million users onRead More >