Listen to your audience! Free tools to monitor your social performance

Posted On July 8, 2018 by farah

In this Digital Age, we are building the human economy based on information technology! Where is your business standing today, and what are people saying about your brand? Today we have: 2.072 billion users on Facebook 330 million users on Twitter 800 million users on Instagram 500 million users onRead More >

Email Marketing in 120 seconds!

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What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing can be described as the use of email to promote products or services. In other words, it’s the use of email to develop one’s relationship with potential customers or clients. Is Email Marketing an old or new marketing technique? Prior to the last decade,Read More >

Mobile Apps and ASO

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Do you think using smartphones to do everything on a daily basis rather than just communicating is a “trend” or a “staple”? To answer this question let’s go through the following facts: As of March 2017, 80% of top Alexa websites were mobile adaptive. Google drives 96% of mobile searchRead More >

Chain Reaction Case Studies – YallaShop

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YallaShop achieved a 791% increase on their app installation. YallaShop came to Chain Reaction with the hopes of optimizing their app. With a goal to create more awareness and income through the use of their app, Chain took on this task with the utmost importance. The Challenges Some challenges weRead More >