Internet Marketing Tips

Google Chrome Will Mark Non-HTTPS Websites as Insecure

  Precursor to Subject Matter Starting from July 2018, Google Chrome will mark non-HTTPS websites as insecure. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The “S” at the end of “HTTPS” means “secure”. A website visitor will be confident that the visited website is the website that he or she intended to visit, meaning that there are no hackers involved. Additionally, there will be a speed update for the browser. Furthermore, Chrome 68 will finally be released to replace the previous Chrome 64. In other words, July of the year 2018...
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February 27

Things to remember! Digital marketing in Dubai

    So, what’s the deal with Dubai? Why have we been hearing so much talk about Dubai in terms of the business scene? It seems that many companies are investing...
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January 31

The superhero tendencies of web analytics

    Web analytics is something that is highly taken for granted, people know it’s important, but they’re not entirely aware of its capabilities. If this were...
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February 28

Programmatic advertising explained: the secrets to discover

  In a world where everything is headed towards automatic, marketing is now becoming the main target. In this society of almost nothing but digital marketing, it’s...
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March 22

Mobile Marketing Trends 2015: The Rise of Video Ads

2015 marks a broad array of shifts in the mobile marketing world. This year, get ready for video ads like you’ve never seen them before.   Last year, mobile marketing...
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July 25

3 Things Your Competitor Is Doing Better in Marketing

  Portrait of woman using cell phone — Image by © Great Stock/Corbis The world is overpopulated, Creative ideas are scarce, globalization is globalized, the degrees...
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July 7

Learn about Targeted Marketing & Why Your Business Needs It

Right next to the photo of your friend’s graduation party on Facebook is a picture of a brand new guitar. The mahogany colored guitar looks sleek. The text below it...
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May 21

Online Marketing in China

  With Chain Reaction, online marketing in China can become easier and far more successful than ever before. With millions of websites falling through the cracks every...
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May 19

Baidu in the Middle East

  Some have referred to Baidu as the Google of China. It is their most popular search engine, and it is now looking to expand into markets in the middle east. Since Google...
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August 28

Digital Marketing Advantages Vs Traditional Marketing

  Why to use Digital Online Marketing over Traditional Marketing ? Digital Marketing refers to marketing and advertising made over the internet. It’s also acknowledged...
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