Google Chrome Will Mark Non-HTTPS Websites as Insecure

Posted On June 21, 2018 by Furat Jarad

Precursor to Subject Matter Starting from July 2018, Google Chrome will mark non-HTTPS websites as insecure. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The “S” at the end of “HTTPS” means “secure”. A website visitor will be confident that the visited website is the website that he or she intended to visit,Read More >

Things to remember! Digital marketing in Dubai

Posted On February 27, 2018 by Cesilia Faustina

So, what’s the deal with Dubai? Why have we been hearing so much talk about Dubai in terms of the business scene? It seems that many companies are investing and or based in Dubai. Well, that may be answered by the fact that UAE ranks as the largest market shareRead More >

The superhero tendencies of web analytics

Posted On January 31, 2018 by Cesilia Faustina

Web analytics is something that is highly taken for granted, people know it’s important, but they’re not entirely aware of its capabilities. If this were a superhero movie, web analytics would be the Clark Kent in disguise. Web analytics is actually a great tool for a number of different servicesRead More >
programmatic advertising in middle east and UAE

Programmatic advertising explained: the secrets to discover

Posted On February 28, 2017 by Chain Reaction

In a world where everything is headed towards automatic, marketing is now becoming the main target. In this society of almost nothing but digital marketing, it’s surprising that a form of automated marketing did not start from long ago. As many of you may know now, advertising is headed towardsRead More >
digital marketing in dubai

Things to Remember About Digital Marketing in Dubai

Posted On August 12, 2016 by Chain Reaction

So, what’s the deal with Dubai? Why have we been hearing so much talk about Dubai in terms of the business scene? It seems like a lot of companies are investing and or are based in Dubai. Well, that may be answered by the fact that UAE ranks as theRead More >

Mobile Marketing Trends 2015: The Rise of Video Ads

Posted On March 22, 2015 by Chain Reaction

2015 marks a broad array of shifts in the mobile marketing world. This year, get ready for video ads like you’ve never seen them before.   Last year, mobile marketing was arguably the fasted-growing area of digital marketing, skyrocketing six times higher than desktop marketing in popularity and in agencies’Read More >

3 Things Your Competitor Is Doing Better in Marketing

Posted On July 25, 2013 by Chain Reaction

The world is overpopulated, Creative ideas are scarce, globalization is globalized, the degrees of separation are six, and yet you haven’t found out why your twin-like competitor is doing better in the market today. Even though this twin is identical, not fraternal, there are a few traits that set himRead More >

Learn about Targeted Marketing & Why Your Business Needs It

Posted On July 7, 2013 by Chain Reaction

Right next to the photo of your friend’s graduation party on Facebook is a picture of a brand new guitar. The mahogany colored guitar looks sleek. The text below it is laconic pushing you to ask for more details. Did I mention that you are an artist, your favorite colorRead More >

Online Marketing in China

Posted On May 21, 2013 by Chain Reaction

With Chain Reaction, online marketing in China can become easier and far more successful than ever before. With millions of websites falling through the cracks every single day, it’s harder than ever to market in the middle east, and Chain Reaction is the only authorized re-seller in the middle eastRead More >

Baidu in the Middle East

Posted On May 19, 2013 by Chain Reaction

Some have referred to Baidu as the Google of China. It is their most popular search engine, and it is now looking to expand into markets in the middle east. Since Google is banned in the country, Baidu has has little competition in the Chinese market. They are hoping toRead More >