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4 ways businesses can adapt effectively during the COVID-19 outbreak.

4 ways businesses can adapt effectively during the COVID-19 outbreak. With the human touch in short supply these days, everything from buying groceries to paying bills, from office meetings to celebrating birthdays are all online and through an array of apps that has made us face to face with technology. So the natural rise in E-commerce was also expected, especially now.You may have taken to an online store yourself, to order the necessities, perhaps a few puzzles to keep you occupied or to search for essentials like hand sanitizers or toilet...
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April 5

Chain Reaction Expands Partnership with Axiom Telecom

  Chain Reaction has been selected as Axiom Telecom’s official social media advertising partner. This was done in order to create targeted campaigns on YouTube,...
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March 29

Moving towards Dubai’s 2021 Vision

  From closing the gender gap to introducing high-tech government service solutions, this year sees the UAE closer to achieving its innovative goals Over the past 30...
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February 19

Chain Reaction Takes Part in the global performance alliance annual meeting in china

Chain Reaction, along with its international partner network of 14 noted online performance marketing firms met in Beijing, China to discuss global strategies and case studies...
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February 19

Chain Reaction’s Workshop Simplifies The Road Toward Boosting Online Revenue for Oasis 500 Entrepreneurs

  Amman, Jordan, 25th May 2013, Chain Reaction, in partnership with Mindvalley, participated in a two-day event for entrepreneurs and business leaders. The workshops...
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February 19

Chain Reaction; The First Local Company to Become Google Analytics Certified

  Chain Reaction set for itself a milestone to become a Google analytics certified partner. On the 25th of April 2013, Chain Reaction successfully received the Google...
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