SEO Case Study in Dubai: DreamWorks Spa



Chain Reaction had a mission to improve Dreamworks Spa’s ranking on Google, driving organic traffic, and increasing online bookings. Being based in Dubai, UAE, it was especially important to make Dreamworks Spa recognizable within the region.


Chain Reaction faced some primary challenges, which included some technical issues that needed to be addressed; this prevented the website from being visible in search results for many important industry-related keywords. Also, there were content missing, which needed to be created; in addition, existing content needed to be optimized and proper landing pages needed to be created to increase visibility.


Chain Reaction’s SEO Dubai team did a full analysis of the spa’s website. They then immediately addressed any available technical issues that may prevent visibility on many important industry-related keywords. The team fully optimized the site to create important landing pages like “Massage Services”. They also ensured that page tags, titles, and descriptions were correct and optimized – enabling Google to cache the pages. Chain Reaction also rewrote the content to help achieve visibility on Google Search Engine; focusing on the most relevant keywords with a high local search volume.


Chain Reaction’s Dubai team provided on-site and off-site SEO implementation and keyword strategy execution; therefore, causing Dreamworks Spa to rank first and second on Google for six of the industry’s most relevant keywords. Furthermore, the site went from no visibility on Google to first-page visibility for more than 15 important keywords. Dreamworks Spa also now appears on the first page for 4,007,591 keyword searches yearly.

“Chain Reaction’s work has impressed me on multiple levels. After only two months of working with Chain Reaction on SEO, our website is now appearing on the first page for most of the relevant keywords in the industry. Our organic traffic has increased by more than 100%. Our online bookings have increased greatly. Throughout the process of Chain’s SEO campaigns, I was continuously reassured by their effective communication and professionalism.” – Abir Daou, General Manager, Dreamworks Spa

 organig visits-dreamworks-massage


Dreamworks Spa is one of Dubai’s best-loved pampering hotspots; with a diverse range of treatments and spa services. The company offers a variety of massages, including expert Balinese massage. They also manage massage services for hotels and health clubs. Dreamworks Spa offers a suite of corporate services including regular office visits, events, an employee discount program, and gift vouchers for clients. Dreamworks Spa’s sister companies are Kaya Skin Clinics, Zen Yoga Centers, Alpha Lounge, and Joie de Vivre.